iPad Pro Memory?


Any sage advice from experienced iOS Scrivenerati re memory needs? Is 64gb enough for multiple Scrivener projects, plus various Apple Notes research files etc. (no video, no music, a fair amount of photos and PDF scans), or do I need to cough up the extra $100 for the 256gb version? By way of yardsticking, the current WIP in Scrivener Mac is 52.8mb.

I have a 64GB iPad Air 2, with a whole load of stuff on it including music, some videos, a load of apps … My impression is that Dropbox and Scrivener between them are pretty memory efficient. My Dropbox Scrivener folder is only 14.7 MB out of 6.2GB available—it’s 66% full, the rest being non–Scriv stuff. I think the biggest problem with a 52.8MB project would be the time required for the initial sync. But there are others who might be better informed …

On the other hand, my principle has always been “Go for as much memory as you can afford”, so the question to me is: how much of a hole in your finances is that $100 going to make?



I checked my Pro.
The things that take up a lot of space are photos, videos, games and music. And GarageBand.
The Scrivener app is only 8.6 Mb.

So it all depends on how much other stuff you want on your Pro.

Video and music are the real space hogs. My music collection takes more space than everything else on my iPhone combined.

When iOS Scrivener was first released, a few people with very large (GB-range) projects found that they wouldn’t sync because the device was already too full. But in general the space for Scrivener and data has been a non-issue for most users.


It really depends. I always like to have the biggest memory available, but with the new iPad Pro’s going up onto 512GB, I think I would go for 256.

I now have an 128GB iPad Air 1, which is almost full.
The app of Scrivener is great in footprint, but I have a lot of media and research and lots of PDF’s in my Scrivener projects, and in total I have about 25GB of Scrivener projects in Dropbox. With music, other PDF’s, iBooks and stuff, it adds up quick. But again: most people don’t pack their Scrivener projects with a lot of media and PDF’s and wouldn’t get to projects of a couple of GB’s big.

The good news is that all of these GB’s of projects run great on an iPad Air. Big fan of Scrivener iOS and how it works on both new and old hardware :slight_smile:

Mark, I guess $100, in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t matter much at all compared with long-term peace-o-mind. Perhaps it’s more the principle of the thing, or the ingrained New Englandism “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”

Peeping at my wife’s iBook mini, I could see the charm of the thing. But the iBook Pro, with its stylus and uncrippled camera, is the first new writing tool since Scrivener that says Need to me rather than Want.