iPad sync

I’m at my wits end. I’ve gotten Dropbox sync to work fine between by iMac and my MacBook but only once between my iMac and iPad. I’ve deleted the Dropbox app, reinstalled it, linked/unlinked all my devices, checked my folder location pointers but nothing seems to work. I really want this to work for my iPad as I’ve recently gotten a keyboard for it and was looking forward to not having to lug around my laptop. I’m open to any and every suggestion. Thanks in advance,

Could you show the Dropbox folder where you have your Scrivener projects, so the path is visible, and then take a screenshot of the Dropbox setup screen in your iPad Scrivener, so we can see what it all looks like?

Did you install the recent updates to both iOS Scrivener and the iOS Dropbox app?


Yes, thanks Katherine. Both of my apps are up to date. I wish that was the solution but it isn’t.

I think I’ve discovered what my problem is but I don’t know how to fix it. My iMac saves files to Dropbox>scrivener. My iPad saves files to Dropbox>apps>scrivener. I can’t figure out how to change either one for existing projects.

On the Mac, in Finder, move your projects to the folder where your iPad is looking, and wait for the dropbox app on your Mac to upload the files to the server so you get the grren tick mark saying that everything is done. Now the projects will be found by your iPad. It’s as simple as that.

Wow! My problem was looking in Scrivener for a solution when it was a simple file move that did the trick. I see that Scrivener is smart enough to update. Now I’m a happy camper. My only problem now is getting rid of this forehead callous I’ve developed from all the head slapping I’ve done lately!