Iphone 11 ProMax + Scrivener WORTH IT

I’m new to the forum, and new to the Scrivener Software as well. I’ve been using the software on my Laptop via Windows & Luv it. However I’ve been hesitant to try the crossover with my Iphone…more like GUNSHY after reading the Endless pages of problems… Did they give up on fixing issues? Seems i read there had been NO UPDATES in a minute… I really Luv using my iPhone as most of us do, and would really like to have use this App for the Many MD appts I’m looking at over the next year, same timeframe as this book I’m attempting to write…
So my question is: Using my Iphone IOS 11 ProMax combined with the Windows version on my Laptop worth it? Or should I forget about the IOS iPhone Combo & just stick to my laptop?

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If there were any significant issues with iOS Scrivener, they would have been addressed with an update. There are not!

While there are tweaks we might wish for it is rock solid and works as advertised. Keith has indicated he has plans for further development however their policy is not to discuss those in advance.

Some have had syncing issues, almost without exception due to user error, apart from a period after one iOS update where Dropbox had issues that impacted other apps also.

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Scrivener crashes constantly on my iPhone 12. Going from one scene to another crashes it, searching for a word crashes it, and if you are trying to write, it does not scroll down and therefore all your words are hidden behind the keyboard. You cannot see your project as a whole because that’s broken. My advice, wait until it gets updated if it ever does or find another writing program. Scrivener for iOS is not worth the money until it’s fixed.

iOS Scrivener is reliable for most people. Please open a support ticket, here:

Scrivener iOS doesn’t have index cards or Scrivenings. For me, it’s a non-starter. Your mileage may vary.

It has Index cards on iPad. Not sure how it’s on a Max-telephone, if it has it there. On a smaller iPhone it doesn’t support index cards. I personally think the app is worth it, in the sense that it’s still one of the most full-featured iOS apps for a one-time fee of 20 dollars, which I consider to be low for what it provides.
That being said, of course I have some frustrations that it hasn’t been developed a lot further, but to be honest: that can be said for a lot of iOS software (it’s my reason for selling the iPad Pro I had and going back to a MacBook Pro. It was because of Scrivener iOS, but also no Highland for iOS although I know they have been working a long time on it, no FCPX, no Pixelmator Pro, …)

Try LumaFusion. While I’d love an iOS FCPX, I’m not certain they could do any better than LumaFusion.

My iPad Pro gets daily use. (So does my 14" MacBook Pro.

+1 on LumaFusion. It’s great. It can play back more 4k streams on an iPad Pro than FCP can do on an Intel MacBookPro. And it’s $20.

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