iPhone access and MobileMe syncing

Love the software–it’s helping me productivity. Here are two unrelated improvements I’d love to see:
-iPhone access
-MobileMe syncing between two different computers

These two come up now and then, check the wish list section for iPhone and sync related requests. Essentially, both are either so complicated or derivative to the core purpose that they haven’t been seriously considered. Only one person write Scrivener, so taking time to pursue a large project that has nothing to do with Scrivener means a complete halt in the development of the latter.

Most people aren’t really interesting in seriously writing on a cellular phone. There just isn’t enough battery, and the keyboard is too cute to do much more than tap out a line or three. Taking and accessing notes are another matter, but there are a number of good note taking applications out there already.

MobileMe comes with iDisk, which can be used to keep zipped backups of your Scrivener projects available between all computers (see File/Backup Project To…). Putting Scrivener projects directly on the iDisk itself and working off of it is not recommended and could result in corrupted files or lost work. To keep your computers up to do, share the last back-up at the end of the day with the sync service, then move the zip to the next computer’s hard drive, unarchive it, and work from there. Repeat.

For more detail, please see the last two questions in this section of the FAQ.

I know this is not exactly MobileMe-sync … but I use Dropbox to keep Scrivener files over my two Macs in sync.
With Dropbox you just save your work on a folder on your Mac and it gets propagated to “the cloud” automatically. Very neat.

This of course only works with the files open on only one computer at a time … simultaneous editing is not possible.

Dropbox is much more efficient than MobileMe and many of us on the forum use it, including Keith. But do read the thread on working off external drives and the warnings there.

It also has a link through to another thread on syncing.