iPhone Moan (number 347 in an occasional series)

Okay, it’s no secret that I’m not a massive fan of the iPhone for various reasons. And here is another: Why is it that it seems that the mail program on the iPhone is set up by default to append “This was sent from my iPhone” to the signature of the sender? Let me first clarify that this isn’t intended as an insult to or slur on the people who have sent me such e-mails - they probably aren’t even aware the sig is there - but rather to and on the iPhone itself for having such a silly setting. But every time I see that at the bottom of somebody’s e-mail, I can’t help but think, “Really? Was it really? How absolutely marvellously bloody fascinating. Marvellously bloody fascinating, that is, except for the fact that I DO NOT CARE.” It is of absolutely no interest to me, and has zero impact upon my life, to know the particular device from which you sent me your epistle. When I’m buying my shopping from Sainsbury’s, I don’t say to the cashier as I make my purchase, “I arrived here in my Peugeot 206,” do I? No, I don’t, and if you do then let me help you by telling you right now that the cashier hates you for interrupting her chat with the boy on the till opposite. And when my postman hands me a book I’ve ordered from Amazon, he doesn’t say to me, “This was brought here in my van.” Of course he doesn’t, because if he did I’d say, “How absolutely marvellously bloody fascinating” (depending on his size, of course). And when I’m flushing the toilet, I incontrovertibly do no shout out to the North Sea in as stentorian a voice as I can muster, “THAT PASSED THROUGH MY COLON!” So why the bloody hell would I want to know that you sent me your e-mail via the most expensive “mug me” placard on the market? That’s right: I wouldn’t.

Change the signature setting, people, change the setting.

This has been brought to you via Keith’s angry spleen.

You owe me a keyboard. I will never get the soda out of this one.

I can NOT get the irritating “sent from my Blackberry” off my sig. RIM basically suggested that I go off. Made me VERY happy to be their customer.

Anyway I recommend several strong drinks to placate the spleen.

I love my iPhone. :smiley:


(I have cleaned my signature file, though…)

Weirdo !! :open_mouth:

I love my iPhone as well… Great toy to play with!

And, yes, I did find it strange myself that the signature was “sent from my iPhone”, Keith, I changed that the moment I saw that.


BUT: The packing is full Amazon logos. To show the world that they accomplish to deliver:wink:

When I received my first mail with said signature I replied, “Bragger”. And the answer was, “The iPhone does that? Oh …” Apple hijacks non-nerds for their marketing. So I say: Right on! :smiley:

Being I nerd, I first changed the signature, only then entered my WLAN password.

I wouldn’t be surprisded if Scrivener 1.5 has a new function in “Compile Draft”: It automatically adds a footnote “Written in Scrivener”. You can’t change er elimante it. It is even impossible to delete it from the printer’s copy.

Better yet, it could insert random passages into the text, where the characters take a moment from chasing criminals, climbing mountains, or waging war to download Scrivener and write a novel. It shouldn’t be too hard to analyse the preceding paragraphs to pick out a character name and make it seem, well, seamless.

Mes Ami idiots,

Beware diatribulous barrages from the Goddess of Code, Amber V, Anti-iPhone zealot!! :open_mouth:

Le D :smiling_imp:

yeah that is just ripping off Blackberry.

I think an assumption was made that in order for a phone to be exceptable by the corporate standards it must have an ego signature to tell you what expensive device sent the chain email joke from.

“This was discovered floating in my Port-a-potty.”

Is that your head you`re talking about?

And you wonder where I threw your leg when I gnawed it off? :slight_smile: