iPhone to Pc sync problems. Can't open projects

Hi, I have been using scrivener on my iphone and ipad. They sync to dropbox. I just downloaded scrivener to my PC and linked it to dropbox. I created a new project on PC, and it shows up in dropbox and my iphone. So that part is working. Now the BIG problem.

But the projects that I created on my ipad, do not show up on my PC.
I tried to open the ipad projects on PC, by opening the dropbox .scriv file, But now my I can’t access all my content that I created on the ipad.

The message I get is:

Unsupported project file format.
The .scriv project is of an older format that cannot be opened on mobile devices. Please update it in the latest version of Scrivener for Mac or Windeows. Please ensure that the project has been fully uploaded from other devices and then try syncing with Dropbox again. OK.

This message happens when I try to access the project from my ipad or iphone.

Can anyone help me recover (regain access) to my projects??? Please?

Note: When I try to “Open Existing Project” from my PC, and select the ipad project, Scrivener crashes.

Please advise.

See Make your Dropbox files available offline | Dropbox Help. Make sure the Dropbox sync is complete and all files are available “offline”. Scrivener files have to be local on the PC to work.

I updated my app on the iphone, and I regained access - somewhat. It dumped all the lost project files into a conflict folder. Not sure if I handled this correctly - But I moved everything from the conflict folder back into the draft folder. Seems to work.

I am going through the forum looking for info on how to deal with the conflict folder.

The Scrivener Manual has information/guidance that perhaps should be referred to first.

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