Good luck to those of our cousins on the east coast of the colony.
Take care

Hey Vic,
Thanks for the good wishes. We expect heavy rain and wind late on Sat going into Sun.
Biggest worries are downed trees, which will snap power lines and damage homes.
The forecasters have revised original estimates, but it will still be a strong storm.
Maybe up to 12 inches of rain, and winds over 50 mph.
We are anticipating dinner by candlelight and news from a battery radio.
Cheers, Dru

Update: we survived, minus a few trees and 15 hours of power outage.
Had a good time recalling stories of other big storms and early birthdays.
Worst part of the aftermath is heavy flooding throughout our region.

Yes, wish you well. We lived right on the beach (75 ft from the shore, in Navy housing) in Virginia Beach from 1979-1982 and remember how easily life can change.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, it also can be a time for humor. A friend posted this note:

Reminds me of the joke:

Why are women like hurricanes?

Because they come on hot, wet, and getting everyone’s attentions. When they leave they take your house and your car.

Was kind of a non-issue where we lived–just a lot of rain. But we were set:


No more than we can expect from someone with your dress sense. tch!tch!

Wha? Can’t go wrong with locally-produced microbrews. (Their Belgian White is very good, too.)

I hope you’re not so far beyond the pale, that you’ve started making your own with Purina :open_mouth:

Oh no. Kitty litter was merely in the background, although the cat would’ve been quite put out, had we run out of litter. As is, there was a run on the flaked tuna food she requires…