Is collaboration possible?

I am co-authoring a book and would like to use the same scrivener file with the other author at the same time. Like you can with google docs and evernote. Is this possible with Scrivener?

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You can’t write in the same document at the same time as in Google Docs, but you can share a project with collaborators. Xiamenese’s method of passing the project back and forth via a sync service is probably most common. (I’ll point you also to our KB article on using sync services, in case you choose to go that route, since there are a few gotchas to watch out for.) You could also keep a master project that you use to make separate copies of the project, so you can each work on different documents in your own project, then copy them into the master at regular times. I wrote a blog post about using a similar method, enhanced (or complicated, your pick) by using the export option to keep my collaborator up to date with my work between updating the master. If you’re updating the master more regularly, you won’t necessarily benefit as much by that extra step, but it depends a lot on how you’re working and what you need in the collaboration.

There’s also been some talk about using screensharing to collaborate. I haven’t tried this myself or seen anyone write up their experiences trying it, so if you gave it a try consider it experimental. :wink: It would require a good internet/network connection so you’re not lagging, but it could work well for working together to organize the project. From there you might then do the passing back and forth or copy the master to work separately. If you try it, report back so we can hear how it goes!

With any method, make sure both you and your collaborator are keeping regular backups. Check the Backup tab in Tools > Options and use File > Back Up > Back Up To… to save backups in another location (ideally an external hard drive) also. A good practice all the time, but especially when someone else may be manipulating your project.

Mmm, I couldn’t agree more. As I said, although I keep my projects on Cubby — more important now since the powers-that-be in LotGFW have concluded Dropbox must be a threat and so blocked it … iOS developers, please note! — my back-ups are on Dropbox. So, while in the UK, my active file is on Cubby, my backup is on Dropbox, so in two different folders on my machines, as the MBP also is sync’d, and I do a complete bootable back-up of the MBA onto an external every week, and on to another external about once a month; the MBP is backed up less regularly, as it isn’t used so much.

But I would also stress using snapshots all the time, especially if you collaborate my way.

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