Is dark mode already in 3.03 or is there a new version coming? If so when?

Not sure if I am posting in the correct forum. My apologies if not.

But I really want to try the new dark mode but can’t find it in the current release. Is there a new one on the way? When will it be out?

No set date, but not long: … -scrivener

That looks so great! Looking forward to the new version. Thanks for the quick reply.

That looks great! Can’t wait!

Will there be any customization available in Scrivener’s Dark Mode? I think it might be beneficial to allow some elements to remain white with black text such as a document view. I think macOS Pages app works like this and I noticed in some other apps that when you are using certain highlights, the white text makes it hard to see such as bright yellow highlight.

Also, are you all updating Scapple with Dark Mode as well?


When you first fire up dark mode in Scrivener, you’ll be asked to choose between light and dark editors. After that you’ll be able to change the option at any time via the Preferences, the Scrivener menu or using a keyboard shortcut (Shift-Opt-Cmd-L). When you choose to use light editors, the main editors in the main window (and copyholders will be light, as in Pages. All supporting material (inspector notes, inspector bookmarks and Quick Reference panels) will remain dark, though.

And Scapple! Yes, I’ll be updating that for dark mode, but that will probably be a few weeks more still since I’m still finishing off Scrivener and Scrivener for iOS needs some attention too. Fortunately it shouldn’t take too long to get Scapple dark mode ready since it is a smaller app and the main window is already able to take dark and light backgrounds into account.

All the best,

Keith, gosh it looks beautiful!!! 8) 8) 8)

Keith, the screenshot in your blog post looks beautiful. Can’t wait.
Thanks for being so quick to support these technologies. I had to get used to the dark mode in Mojave first, but I really like it now.