Is is possible to export a single chapter (or two)?

I want to carve up my existing ms. into smaller bits that I can share with others. Is there a way to do that without manually copying and pasting every scene into a word doc?



Yes. Anything you tried already that didn’t work for you?

Try selecting the files of interest in the Binder, then Menu → File → Export and pick Word.

Or “compile” the files of interest (just those) into one Word document.

Two options.

One - With the chapter open in the editor use file / print chapter (and select the pdf printer)

Two - use the compiler but make sure that only the chapter you want is ticked to be included in the compile (on my own ‘layout’ screen I have inspector as one of the three windows open with ‘include in compile’ as one of the metadata fields to be included)

Hope this helps


RMS just beat me to it, so there’s three options now


And a fourth, which I use all the time:

Select the chapter(s) in the Binder, then in Compile use the Filter above the file list and choose ‘Current Selection’.

It makes life easier if Preferences/Options → Behaviours → Folders and Files has ‘Treat all documents with subdocuments as folders’ ticked on … I assume Windows has that Option.