Is it a bug ? ....

Sometimes when I use “stack” on a few notes it doesn’t work; I mean the order changes in my notes. Is that normal? How can I avoid that? (see attached images).
Another question: why it is not possible to “stack” background shapes?

Before to stack:
Capture d’écran 2014-09-25 à 09.46.32.png


I am not sure what you are expecting, but I can say that if you selected the gold note first and then the rest, this stack order appears to be how the software is designed to work—it takes the first selected note as the “primary”, and then everything is stacked beneath it based on the distance from each individual object selected. So in this case, the longer pink box is closest to the gold box, so it comes first, then the next three below that, in the order of their distance from the gold box.

That is how the feature is meant to work, so you might need to temporarily shove boxes around into a rough stack to get the lined up right, rather than having them come in from a mixture of directions (top/bottom). Hopefully that makes sense.

I’m not seeing how that would actually work in practice, the two concepts seem at odds with each other. What would a stack of fixed-size, textless boxes be doing for you? Nothing about it can be changed dynamically anyway, which is mainly what Stacks give you—i.e. if you type a paragraph into a box in the middle of the stack, the other elements move to make space.

If you are mainly looking for a way to clean things up, remember that Notes/Align/ and Notes/Distribute do work on Shapes as well.

Otherwise, let me know what you are looking for in terms of capability—I might be able to point you to an existing feature, or better understand what you are asking for.

For the stack, I select all notes in the order: from top to down; 1red, 2yellow, 3red, etc.
And the result put the yellow note first.
But it doesn’t happen systematically. In general, it works as you describe. But sometimes, I can’t arrange notes as I want. So I have to select notes two by two and stack them.
It is for that I think it could be a bug.

About the Background shape (see the attached file below):
Capture d’écran 2014-10-01 à 08.39.46.png
In this example, each note is a scene of my novel. And the Background shape represents a chapter; each chapter includes more than one note. So I’d like to align/or stack background shapes to rearrange the map of my novel. But I have to do it manually…