Is it possible to change a project title?

I have started a novel with one title, but now want to change that title. Can I do that, or do I have to start a new project and copy all the files over to the newly titled project?

Apologies if this is basic stuff - I’ve searched the program itself but can’t see how to do it…

Thanks for reading.

Are you using the latest Beta Windows release? If so, then go to Project/ Meta-Data Settings/ Project Properties.

Otherwise, using File/ Save As should do the trick.

Hope this helps!

You can also just rename the file directly, rather than creating a new copy via Save As, which might help reduce confusion later. With the project closed in Scrivener, just right-click the project’s .scriv folder and choose “Rename” to give it the new name (leaving the .scriv ending intact). So for instance if you have a project called “My Novel” saved in your Documents folder, you can use the Windows file browser to go into Documents, then right-click the “My Novel.scriv” folder and rename it “Brilliant Book.scriv”.