Is it possible to change the language of the software ?

As a PC user of Scrivener 1 I’m now on MAC OS on Scrivener 2.
I know on the PC version it’s possible to change the language of the software, but I can’t find it on Scrivener 2.

I thought from the info on this page that Scrivener is only available in English.



Indeed - Scrivener is currently English-only. We are right now starting the process of getting it translated into German, Spanish and French.

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If you mean writing in another language you’ll find that it is controlled by the system settings. This post might help:



OK, thanks. So I’ll wait.

And here I was, preparing to rant about Scrivener for Windows being available in a couple of languages, while the progenitor …


Thanks you very much, Keith. I’m pretty much looking forward to it. Any help needed, btw?

At the end of the process, we’d be very grateful for anyone wanting to look-over the translations, certainly. At the moment we’re going through all the key terms with the translators, so the project is underway.

Be careful with the Hungarian translation - it can be tricky

Any chance of getting pigfender’s Sci-Fi translation moved over? It’s the only thing I miss from WinScriv but oh, do I miss it!

I’m willing to bribe with kittens O:)