Is it possible to format a footnote for print/pdf

I have downloaded a template for MLA which gets me very close to a perfect document for social science research. I am entering footnote content into the inspector (not using inline) and they appear at the bottom of the page with an incremental number.

There are three problems:

  1. The footnote number is superscript (this is good for the citation number in the content, but not in the footnote)
  2. The footnote is not indented
  3. The font of the footnote is the same as the default content.

I don’t know how to fix these things. I can switch to inline footnotes, but that makes no difference in any of these three problems. Obviously I’m new, but I’ve read and search for several hours with no results. Thanks for your help.

See Section 24.19.1 in the Scrivener manual. It discusses the Footnote and Endnote options in the Compile Format editor, which control all of these choices.