Is It Possible to Get the Session Target Bar to Show Up in the Footer?


I have been delving into target word counts, and would like to have the Session Target show up as a bar in the footer, but cannot figure out how to do this.

At the moment, the only way I can see a Session Target bar is to open the Project Targets pane (e.g., by Ctrl+Left Click in Quick Search bar), which contains both the Project Target and Session Target, and a progress/word count bar for each.

That pane can be left open, but I would rather have the Session Target displayed as a bar in the footer, either instead of, or alongside, the Document/Word/Character Target bar.

The Document/Word/Character Target bar seems to be the bar in the footer by default.

I am grateful for any help anyone can provide with this.

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Target progress bars appear in the Quick Search area, not the footer bar. See section 11.5.3 of the user manual.


Yes, I am aware of where they currently appear (as I conveyed in my message), but was wondering if it was possible to change the location.

Thanks for pointing out the “quick search” feature is a way to reveal session targets. The manual (section 20.1.1, “Project Targets,” p. 418 of 736) claims that you can display a “project targets panel” by selecting Project>Show Project Targets; this option does not appear among the selections in this menu. The keyboard shortcut the manual offers (Ctrl ↑ T) also does nothing (other than adding an indention or tab). Page 419 of 736 in the manual has an image showing what this “project targets panel” is to look like.

I plan to submit this to support, but your workaround helps a lot (I just wanted a way to keep the session target visible while working).


It looks like the word “Show” is missing from the command (I’ll get that fixed in the manual), but otherwise you definitely should be seeing that command in the Project menu; it is right below “Project Settings”.

That aside, as noted in §11.5.2, you can hold down the Alt key and click in the Quick Search field to bring up this panel as well.

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Would there be any setting to display the progress/target numbers permanently on the progress bar in the Quick Search area (currently I have to hover the mouse over the bar to see the numbers)?
Or is there anyway to embed/stick the Project Targets (floating) window to Quick Search area?

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CTRL-Shift-T does bring up the Project Targets panel for me.

Which Shortcut Theme are you using?

File, Options, Keyboard

The first line below the row of icons at the top of the Options window will tell you what shortcut theme you are using. Mine is “Scrivener for Windows v3” and in that, Ctrl+Shift+T does bring up the Project Targets panel. If your shortcut theme is set to a different option, then the keyboard shortcut is likely different.

For example, in “Scrivener for Windows v1” the equivalent is Ctrl+,.