Is It Possible to Have Newly Created Folder and/or Text Containers Appear At The Top of the Existing List of Existing Containers, Rather Than at The Bottom?

If I have clicked-on/highlighted a container ( folder or text), and I click ‘New Text’ or ‘New Folder’, the resulting new text file or folder appears at the bottom of any existing text files and/or folders.

That is no problem if there are only a few text files or folders, but if there are a lot, going to the bottom of the ‘list’, to potentially move the file to another place on the list can be annoying.

Is there any way to change the way the text / folder containers are created, so that they appear at the top of the current ‘list’?

Thanks for any help anyone can give.

Not sure , but if click on text file and add file or folder appears just below that single file, if click folder will appear at bottom of the folder, so may want to click inside folder where want to add and at most will be one file down.

There isn’t, but one can simply select the first item in the container and create the new item from there, then after doing so, hit the shortcut to Edit ▸ Move ▸ Up.

Or another way of putting it, the only reason to select the parent of where you want to actually add something is if you want to append it to the end of its child list.

Thanks very much, GoalieDad.

Thanks very much, AmberV.