Is it possible to scroll both docs simultaneously in a split screen?

When using a split screen with two versions of one document, is there a way to scroll both simultaneously?

No, I don’t think so, at least not natively.

There are commands Navigate > Editor > Other Editor > Scroll up/down, though, which are bound to the shortcuts ctl-alt-cmd-up/down on the Mac (not sure what it is on Windows, sorry).

That means that you can fake simultaneous scrolling with two shortcuts (E.g. FN+down then cmd-alt-cmd-down. On the Mac you could use something like Keyboard Maestro to chain the two shortcuts together under one key — perhaps AutoHotkeys on Windows could do something similar?


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I haven’t attempted any macros for this, but I’ve bound the shortcuts so that it is extremely easy to do both at once (I found the default shortcuts very out of the way). PgDn and Shift-PgDn is really easy to do on many PC laptops for example, because the Shift key is right above the PgDn and PgUp keys, so you can just rest your first and third fingers on the page keys and keep the middle finger on the shift key and alternate as needed.


Thanks, Amber. On my Windows desktop there’s a shortcut for switching between the two open docs in the split screen: Win+Alt+E. It’s not a big deal to hit PgDn, switch with the shortcut and then hit PgDn in the second doc. I’d prefer the ability to link scrolling to both screens a one time, but this works.