Is it possible to select a line including the Return/NewLine character?

In programming environments lines can be selected including the Return/NewLine character at the very end. This allows for placing that entire line to a different location very quickly.

In Scrivener the Return/NewLine character seems never to be selected when selecting an entire line.

Is it possible during editing to move a line including the Return/NewLine character?

In my testing there are issues with both of the main methods meant for doing this:

  • Triple-clicking: a fairly standard approach for selecting a paragraph, but it only sometimes grabs the newline. I haven’t figured out if there is any pattern to it, it just sometimes does and other times does not.
  • Edit ▸ Select ▸ Select Paragraph: weirdly selects the prefix newline—or technically the newline from the previous paragraph. If you write with empty lines between paragraphs, it’s not a huge problem, if a bit unorthodox. With more “normal” word processing style paragraphs, there could be unintended consequences of yanking the newline away from the previous paragraph.

By the way, like a coding editor you can move lines without selecting them first. The Edit ▸ Move ▸ Up / Down commands work here (as do right and left for block indents). So in some cases of short distance movement, that may be better all around.

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Carriage return: Triple click, then Shift+click after the carriage return.
Line break: Triple click, Shift+Up (as many time as needed for only the desired line to be selected), then Shift+Right.

A simpler way that works in both cases is to click to the left of the desired line, then drop to the left of the line below while still holding the mouse button. (You can select as many lines as you need, like that.)
Downside in all cases is that by selecting the carriage return, your selection carries the style of the subsequent paragraph with it…

Or Edit ▸ Move ▸ Up / Down, like AmberV said, works fine for within display distance. (But not with line breaks, as it moves the whole paragraph.)

Never happened to me. (Windows 10)
I don’t recall it ever including the carriage return.

Testing it, I just found a new way to select a whole paragraph + its carriage return:
Triple click, then shift+click.
(So I suppose that my top most suggestion, where I said to Shift+click after the carriage return, is a tad futile.)

I’ve chalked it up to micro-movements while triple-clicking. Note that if you triple-click and do not release on the third, moving the pointer down even so much as a pixel or two, the following newline is included. So that’s a pretty easy way of doing it, you just have to wiggle the mouse a tiny bit while triple-clicking.

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That works indeed. (If typewriter scrolling if off; or if your line is already in position.)

Thx. Wiggling the mouse works for me. :grin: