Is it possible to sync between MacOS and iOS without Dropbox?

Dear all,

Is it possible to sync projects between MacOS and iOS without Dropbox? People here have trouble to use Dropbox here. Is there any way to work around?



Dropbox works well, so long as users follow the setup procedures properly and have reliable data connections.

It is also possible to use iTunes. This from the Scrivener iOS manual:

Getting Projects Into and Out of Scrivener

You can use iTunes to bring projects into Scrivener as well as to export them as follows:

  1. Connect your device to your computer.

  2. Open iTunes.

  3. Select your device.

  4. Select “Apps”.

  5. Scroll down to “File Sharing”.

  6. Locate and select Scrivener in the list of apps.

  7. To import a project, simply drag the Scrivener project (.scriv) file from the Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows—be sure to drag the entire .scriv project folder on Windows and not just the .scrivx file inside it) into the Documents list in iTunes.

  8. To export a project, select the project in the Documents list in iTunes and click on the “Save to…” button.

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I was hesitant to use Dropbox at first, but it works really well for synching Mac OS / iOS Scrivener. Why don’t give it a try?


Yes, I really wish Dropbox can be access in the country I am in, however, it cannot…

Is the import and export process good for automatic sync? or I have to manually do it from time to time?

Many thanks.

File sharing via iTunes is not automated. It’s more like copying a project to an external drive. You’ll need to manage the updates in both directions.


ok, Isee… thanks.