Is it possible to use footnotes AND endnotes in one document?

I would like to use both footnotes (clarifications) and endnotes (references) in one document. Is this possible in Scrivener? If so, how do I do this? I know how to insert footnotes, but I don’t know how to insert endnotes. The ‘insert’ button doesn’t have ‘insert endnote’ in the list.

Yes you can have two different streams: one for footnotes and one for endnotes.

It’s not something I’ve done myself, but AIUI the technique is use Inspector Footnotes (‘Linked footnotes’) for footnotes, and Inline Footnotes for Endnotes (or vice versa – it doesn’t matter as long as you use one technique for footnotes and the other for endnotes).

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-10-26 at 10.22.54.png[/attachment]

Then when you come to compile the document, you choose which version will be footnotes and which endnotes with this dialogue:

[attachment=1]Screenshot 2020-10-26 at 10.15.07.png[/attachment]


Thank you! That is very helpful!

I have a follow-up question: is it possible to convert inline footnotes to inspector footnotes or vice versa?
Or do inline footnotes and inspector footnotes show up the same (footnotes at the foot of the page, not in the text) after ‘compile’?

You’re welcome!

You can convert between Inline and Inspector footnotes using the Edit > Transformations > Convert XXX commands — you’ll see there’s a variety of options including converting footnotes both ways.

This works on a selection of text. I’d test it on dummy text so you understand what’s going on first (for example: converting from Inline to Inspector leaves a marker in the text – make you know what it’s doing before you select the whole document!

The default behaviour is for Inline and Inspector footnotes to all be the same on compile — but that’s why there are the two checkboxes I showed you in the second screenshot. If you want Inline and Inspector footnotes to be treated differently, tick one and untick the other and that will treat the two variants differently on compile.

It’s probably worth going over the section in the Tutorial on Comments and Footnotes—and the manual has a whole section on them if you want to really understand the details.


(BTW, the instructions I’ve given are for the Mac and Windows Beta – I can’t remember how the old version of Windows does it, sorry…)

Thanks again for your helpful reply!! Now I really get it.

I do this. The only thing is both streams on compile use the same numbering systems, so you need to change that in your word processor following compile. also, if you want your endnotes to be on a section by section basis, that too needs to be sorted out with your word processor.

I responded to a similar query here:

Note, I’m on a Mac, use Nisus Writer Pro, so can’t advise on how to sort it out in Word or any of its alternatives like LibreOffice.



I would just add that you might want to allow some extra time for the final formatting stages and/or do some test compiles before your deadline.

Scrivener can easily create dual note streams, but not all word processors handle the results equally well.


Thanks for the link. I tried using dual streams in Nisus Writer in connection with a support query, and it didn’t go well. Looks like I should take a closer look. (I’m considering switching from Word to Nisus Writer for my own work.)


Are you trying Nisus Writer Express or Nisus Writer Pro? If you’ve got the former, it doesn’t surprise me that it didn’t work. But in NWP, don’t try to sort it out manually; before you do anything, go straight to Styles view and set up each stream.

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-10-26 at 21.59.09.png[/attachment]

N.B. I have my stylesheet set up to use markers which are 2 pts smaller than the text size but raised 2 pts—you can see the effect in the screenshot. I find the superscripted markers so small they almost become invisible, and this way they are a better size without affecting the line-spacing.

PM me if you think I can help you more. The forum community is very helpful, as is Martin of Nisus, as KB will attest, I’m sure.



I’ll either PM you or visit the Nisus forums when I get a chance to dig deeper. I don’t want to hijack this thread any further, though.