Is It Possible To Use The Outliner to Generate a List Like There Is with Keywords?

Searching for a Keyword (or Keywords) works as a filter, and generates a list of scenes / documents in the Binder column, which contains those Keywords.

Is it possible to use the Outliner (Metadata columns) to generate a similar list (but this time in the Outliner window, instead of the Binder column)?

Clicking the header then Ctrl-F shows the search/filter.

Not sure you can restrict the searched term to the keywords though. Meaning that if the keyword is contained in another file’s title, it’ll probably list as well.


Thanks very much :slight_smile:

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Any Project Search result can be loaded into the main editor as a list, or any Collection for that matter. Click the little hook arrow button in the binder header bar, as shown in Figure 10.3, and described in §11.1.1, under subheading, Taking Results to the Editor. As noted there, I would depend on the Filter feature more for narrowing that list down further, as this is an all text search. It is catching keywords on that premise, and thus might acquire false positives if that word is used elsewhere in the Outliner, or even anywhere if the option to search all text and notes is enabled. But with Project Search you can of course constrain the results to Keywords only.


Thanks very much, Amber.