Is it possible?

I am stupefied about this. Is it possible to write a complete novel in a day?

A novel certainly has hundreds of pages. If a writer completes it within a day, it will become a milestone that no one can achieve. Such a writer will have brilliant caliber as well as great creativity.

Obviously, I can’t do it. Do you?

Not only can it be done, it has been done for five years straight! But maybe you should look into how it actually works.

Is it possible, you ask? Pigfender, our fearless and never harried leader, spent years formulating the mathematical calculations, devising prototype after prototype, and finally presenting something to the world that is no less stupendous than cold fusion. It’s known in closed circles as NIAD. What they call it openly depends on how many hours are left before deadline. 8) :wink:

See you then, for NIAD 2016?

You will defiantly see me :smiley:

If you know the complete story, it’s just a matter of sitting yourself down and writing that. Sit for 20 hours together (like sometimes writers do) and type the hell out of your laptop.