Is it safe to re-install/refresh Scrivener?

I’ve had problems with automatic backups (backup routines failing), and in the last few days I have been unable to ‘backup to’ a chosen folder. I’ve messed about (i.e. changed) the target folders several times recently, mainly because I’ve been trying to ensure my project is saved on the cloud. (using windows one-drive). When I open the program it no longer opens automatically at my current project. The problems are confined to my PC-desktop - I’m running Scrivener on a tablet too - which seems unaffected! I imagine that I’ve messed up the directory/folder structure somewhere along the way.
The question is: Is it safe to uninstall and re-install Scrivener on my PC-desktop. so that I can start afresh? ( - hopefully with a directory structure that is intact.)

Yes, but that won’t help any of the possible problems you’ve listed in your post. If you do uninstall/reinstall, be sure to save your customized settings (Tools > Options > Manage > Save Preferences). Then, after you’ve reinstalled, do a Load Preferences to get your customized settings back. Note that this will not save any toolbar customizations, so prior to uninstalling take a screenshot of how your toolbars are set, so you can change them back after reinstalling.

First, what version of Scrivener are you using? (Help > About Scrivener). I’ll assume you have 1.9.16.

I’m not 100% clear what problem it is you’re trying to solve.

This suggests to me you are having problems with Scrivener’s automatic backup system, which is vitally important and can save your bacon in the event of some disaster. But this—

–This suggests you are having trouble with where you are storing your .Scriv project folders, which are the folders that contains your live project data (text, binder structure, notes, etc.)

Finally, this suggests you are having some issues syncing Scrivener between your PC and your tablet. (Windows tablet? iOS tablet?)

So, in lieu of specific advice for a specific problem, here are some general recommendations. Maybe something will help you. :slight_smile:

For zipped backups, have a look at this post I wrote for another user a couple of years ago on Scrivener’s automatic backup system. [url]] Everything I wrote then is still applicable now. If that doesn’t help you, please come back with the specific symptoms, as well as screenshots of error messages and your backup settings (Tools > Options > Backup).

By any chance, are you using ‘Save As’ to create versions of your project? If so, by default Scrivener reopens the last project that you opened, which would be the new project you created via ‘Save As’. You can disable this setting by unchecking Reopen projects that were open on quit. (Tools > Options > General). If you disable this setting, then instead of launching Scrivener and auto-opening your project, you can use Windows Explorer to navigate to the .scriv folder of your current project, then open that folder and double-click on the .scrivx file. That will ensure you’re opening the right version.

Or instead of using ‘Save As’ to create versions, use ‘Back Up To’ (File > Back Up > Back Up To). This will create a zipped backup, which you can name according to your versioning standards. In that case, keep Reopen projects that were open on quit as checked.

Hopefully some of that helps. If not, please come back with specific symptoms.


Many thanks Jim - I’ll try some of those things and get back if I’m still having problems - much appreciate your time responding to my querie.