Is it safe to update MacOS to Big Sur?

Are there any lingering “gotchas”? Anything a user upgrading from Catalina needs to watch out for?

I haven’t found any, but then what may be a gotcha for you or anyone else may not be one for me.



Very solid. We had a quiet introduction and didn’t need the anticipated number of advisors for a normal major OS release.

Make sure you have Scrivener 3.2.2. There are some very common compatibility issues and crashes with older versions.

More generally, make sure you have the 64-bit version of all your critical applications. 32-bit applications WILL NOT RUN with Big Sur.

Thanks to all who replied! I’ll start the update shortly… Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the warnings! I’m already on Catalina, which requires 64-bit apps as well. And my Scrivener is well up-to-date. Onward!

It’s been so long since I installed Catalina that I’d forgotten it is also 64-bit; Big Sur brought a lot of help queries from people who’d apparently skipped a version.

Aside from the usual “Dang it, machine, I had things set up the way I like them, thank you very much!” annoyances as I redo prefs for updated features, it’s going well. Thanks for all help!

P.S. The new widgets implode.

P.P.S. For anyone who’s considering a Setapp subscription, Setapp automatically updated its versions of my installed apps to Big Sur dependent versions if they existed. While having to deal with the changes was mildly annoying, it meant that relatively few of my apps needed to be individually checked for updates.

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