Is it worth buying an iPad

I’ve been using Scrivener for Windows for years and love it. I mostly use it on a desktop, but when I need to go mobile I use it on my Surface Pro 9. Unfortunately the stylus doesn’t work in Scrivener, nor does using my finger for anything more than tapping where I might click the mouse.

I’m wondering if it would be worth purchasing an iPad when I need to go mobile. How well is the stylus and touch interface implemented, and is there anything else that would be useful about being on an iPad? I’m not thrilled about having yet another device to carry around but I’m considering it.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

I will also post this to the Windows forum.

My personal view:
Scrivener for iPad is a nice addition if you already own an iPad, but I wouldn’t personally go out and buy an iPad just for Scrivener. The iOS version makes the best use of the available computing resources and user interfaces etc, but it won’t be a match for the Surface Pro you already own running the full desktop app (and won’t add any stylus functionality either).


I use my iPad + Apple Pencil constantly, both at home and when traveling. It’s completely replaced my laptop. (But not my desktop.)

My most common use case is reading source materials, split-screened with GoodNotes in one half and DevonThink To Go in the other. (Before the Apple Pencil existed, I did the same thing with Scrivener and DTTG side-by-side.) GoodNotes also has a Windows version, and will share files between iPad and PC pretty easily. DTTG’s big brother, DevonThink, is Mac only.

I use iOS Scrivener quite often for drafting, notetaking, and editing on the go. Its Compile features are adequate for what I need – mostly drafts for my own use – but the desktop Compile command is much more powerful.


Why did you replace Scrivener after the Apple Pencil existed?

Because I prefer taking notes by hand. (And my scribble is too challenging for Apple’s handwriting recognition.)


Thank you! That’s super helpful. I’ll stick with my Surface Pro, which is great in all regards except the limited capabilities of the stylus.