Is new OSX Monterey/MacBook Pro apple silicon supported?

Hello. I’m thinking of upgrading my older MacBook Pro to a new Monterey/Apple Silicon M1 Max Pro setup. I wasn’t sure however if Scrivener 3.2 for OSX supports this build or whether I should wait longer before buying it and a Scrivener compatible version is launched? I am buying the new machine to manage my research authoring and database in scrivener and it’s a deal breaker if Scrivener is not yet supporting Monterey OSX and apple silicon. Thank you!

No problem. Scrivener Release Notes | Literature & Latte

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Excellent. So assuming it will also work on the new apple silicon MacBooks?

Yes, it will, since last year: “Scrivener 3.2 provides compatibility for both macOS 11 Big Sur and Apple Silicon, […]” (same source as above) :slightly_smiling_face: