Is Scrivener Actually Worth It???

I have noticed that Scrivener is a commonly used software in the writing community. I am just coming back to creative writing after a few years of of primarily doing academic writing. I mainly write for myself. I recently started brainstorming a novel. I am even considering self publishing the novel if it turns out well. I think that the software would be a beneficial tool to use on my current and future projects. I just do not know if it is worth the cost. I am also visually impaired, so I use screen reader softwares to manipulate my iPhone and laptop. I do not want to waste money on a software that might not even be compatible with my screen reader. Are there any free options that I should look into? I currently use Microsoft Word for my writing, but I am interested in testing out other computer programs. Thanks to anyone who responds.
(I am sorry about this post being a little rambly. It is currently almost 2 in the morning.)

Scrivener offers a 30 day free trial (that’s 30 days’ actual use, rather than 30 consecutive days). Most, if not all, people here will tell you that Scrivener is most certainly worth the investment. The best thing to do is download the software and start using it to see whether it fits your needs. Happy writing!

Also, I’m sure it would help if you told us which screen reader software you use. There are a number of visually impaired Scrivener users, so it does work with screen readers.

Not being visually impaired myself, I can’t help further with that. However, the only person who can decide if it is worth it is you yourself, so install it, go through the tutorial listed under the Help menu, and make full use of the 30 day trial.

Good luck


it’s totally worth it. and not very expensive to begin with…

I believe there are a few forum members who use screenreaders. You might try starting a new thread called “Scrivener and screen readers?” or something like that to get their attention.

Otherwise, as noted, the best way to decide if Scrivener will meet your needs is to download the free trial.