Is Scrivener useful/workable for an image-oriented book?

I’ve just purchased Scrivener with the hope that it could be useful for organizing a large book that will be about two-thirds images (photos and illustrations), and that most of the text would be captions and sidebars.

Perhaps this isn’t the best software for such a project… Would really appreciate anyone’s suggestions.


Scrivener will be good for structuring and drafting the text. It’s not intended for complicated layout; I’d draft in Scrivener and use a desktop publishing application for layout and finishing (InDesign or similar), and insert the images (having created placeholders for them in Scrivener) at that stage.


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In a way, Scrivener is ideal for this project precisely because it doesn’t do layout. Drafting your text in InDesign would be a huge pain: like using a screwdriver as a hammer. And if you used a standard word processor to draft the text you might be tempted to mock up the layout as you went along, which would be a huge waste of time, since the layout sounds complex enough that in the end it will need to be done in a proper page layout application.