Is Scrivo Pro For Scriveners a licensed companion to Scrivener?

I found this app in the App Store, Scrivo Pro For Scriveners, and its being billed as a companion to Scrivener. I’m wondering if you guys suggest it or don’t have anything to do with it?

Also is Aeon timeline a good compliment to scrivener?

As far as I understand it, Scrivo Pro is an independent company who has found a way to hook into Scrivener files — it’s got nothing to do with Scrivener apart from that.

Keith, Scrivener’s developer, said this in a post in December:

Aeon Timeline on the other hand was developed closely with Scrivener’s developers — there even used to be a dedicated forum on this board helping the process along.

Whether or not you want to use Scrivo is up to you — but it’s not an ‘official’ product in that sense. On the other hand, if you want advanced Timeline program to integrate with Scrivener with official ‘blessing’, then Aeon is great.

Could you tell me a bit about how aeon syncs with scrivener. Where it keeps the data, and how that would impact my syncing with Dropbox to my ipad(since I don’t believe aeon has an ios app)

I Googled for you:


Haven’t been able to find on that page how that would impact my syncing with Dropbox to my ipad(since I don’t believe aeon has an ios app)

Aeon works with your Scrivener project in the following manner:

  1. There is an Aeon Timeline document, which is quite separate from your Scrivener project. You need not bother to put it in your sync folder on Dropbox. One Aeon Timeline document is synced to one Scrivener project.
  2. A “document/folder” in the Scrivener project may (or may not) correspond to an “event” in the Aeon Timeline doucment. Similarly, an event may (or may not) correspond to a Scrivener document/folder. YOU decide which documents are linked to which events. One document may be linked to exactly one event, and one event may be linked to exactly one document.
  3. Some of the data for synced Aeon events (not all!) is also saved in the corresponding Scrivener documents’ metadata. It is customary that:
    [*] Scrivener “synopsis” syncs with Aeon event “summary”.
  4. Scrivener “keywords” sync with Aeon event “tags”
  5. Scrivener “labels” sync with Aeon event “colors”
  6. Scrivener document Titles sync with Aeon event titles.

For any other Aeon data that you want to access in Scrivener, you’ll need to either create a custom metadata field in the Scrivener project, or let Aeon create it for you.[/:m]
] The actual sync between an Aeon Timeline document and a Scrivener project is always manual. You change the data in whichever app you prefer, Scrivener or Aeon, and reconcile them in Aeon when you do a manual sync there. Scrivener never has access to any Aeon data that is not stored in the Scrivener project’s metadata fields.

In short, because the synced Aeon data is stored in Scrivener metadata, and there is NO dynamic link between a Scrivener project and an Aeon Timeline document, there are absolutely NO implications for iOS Scrivener sync. You just let the Dropbox sync happen as usual. OTOH, because so little metadata is available on iOS, comparatively little of the Aeon Timeline data is accessible in iOS Scrivener–basically, just the synopsis/summary, titles, and labels/colors.

Hope this helps!
[edited for clarity–SFL]

Very appreciated. Thank you!

FYI, Aeon Timeline are developing an iOS version. They’ve made a post to their blog describing it here:

I can hardly wait!

Thanks for sharing that! You gave me the push to start using it :smiley:

The Aeon Timeline folks sent out a call for iOS beta testers a few weeks ago. It sounded like Aeon Timeline for iOS will be released soonish.