Is the custom meta-data window size configurable?

I have a big problem.
I use a lot of custom metadata, I even write long paragraphs for character descriptions in custom meta-data fields, so I have dozen of big meta-data fields and I would like to be able to make the window as big as I want.

To sum up :

  • I want to have the whole right hand column of the layout for the custom meta-data window
  • I want to have easy access to all the custom meta-data in the quick reference window.

Thank you.


No, that’s not possible, but you can view custom meta-data fields in the outliner, and they will wrap to take up as much space as they need, so it may be better to use the outliner for this. Custom meta-data fields were added in response to users wanting custom outliner columns - they can be accessed in the inspector but that is not their primary purpose.

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I wanted to be able to see this custom meta data when in full screen mode.
I don’t know how other people do their timelines when there are a lot of characters but the outliner with custom colums is the only easy way to do it I found, and I really need to see this data when writing, and not switching to the outliner every time.

Have you tried using the Quick Reference panes? You can have as many of them as you want, as big as you want.

I would like some improvements to access meta-data too.

Meta-data offers more structure than document notes, and more details than keywords. I never use these panes. The right part of my scrivener window is mostly wasted. And it’s much space, especially on a 27¨ iMac! If only I could resize or fold the lower right pane, the one with notes /keywords.

Like the previous poster, I use a lot of metadata. And I need to edit it and read it with the document open. I almost never check it in the outliner.

Resizable panes. Just a small change to the interface that would make this software perfect for me, and obviously, not me alone 8)

Resizable panes just won’t work in the inspector, I’m afraid; not without completely redesigning the inspector. It’s down to how controls need minimum amounts of space in all possible window configurations. Custom meta-data was introduced as a response to users who wanted customisable outliner columns; their appearance in the inspector is just an extra place to access it rather than the main place. I can see that some users want easier access to custom meta-data, though, so it is on my radar as something to look at expanding in the future.

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Thank you for your reply. Good to know that you are thinking about it :slight_smile:

I see other options, like maybe an additional tab in the inspector, or being able to show meta-data in the quick ref panel…

Another tab in the inspector panel is exactly what I was thinking, with the ability to show meta-data in QuickRef panels as a possible future option beyond that. So both are on the list for future implementation, I just can’t say exactly when right now.

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