Is there a german version of Scrivener for Mac out?

Or it’s only for Windows available?

The fact ist: I heard in March 2013 about the german version of scrivener, which will be only available für windows.

Can you give me more informations about it? I would do love use scrivener in german for Mac and can’t really wait to use ist! :slight_smile:

best, schirki

The current version of Scrivener (2.5) is already translated into German.
All the best,

Thank you Keith for your quick information about it! :slight_smile:

The trial is not available in german, right?

:slight_smile: Best schirki


Yes, the trial is in German too. It will use the language that your system is set up to use, or you can override the language used in the interface via the “General” pane of the Preferences.

All the best,