Is there a non-video explanation of the Compile function?

I’m trying to really learn how this function works and in greater depth, so that I can, well, use it properly. Back in the 90’s, that would have been relatively easy. Any documentation on it would have been written out, because you might have to sit for three minutes on dialup just to receive a single picture.

But nowadays it seems like everybody prefers to offer a verbal explanation on a video. My problem is that some of the same neurological quirks that enhance my writing ability also cause me to have a lot of trouble learning from video. I can’t parse some (or many, depending on the speed and accent) spoken words on video. The extra effort I put into listening to the video keeps me from effectively focusing on the thing I am trying to learn.

Is there anywhere that someone has, ‘old-school style’, explained the compile function in depth and on “paper”?

I’ve been using Scrivener 1 for a while now, but I’ve lately switched almost entirely to using Scrivener 3 Beta.

There are two things you should look at, perhaps in conjunction with each other. There’s the tutorial (under Help), which among other things, should mark any functions that are not yet implemented (or may have been implemented recently but buggy.

The Mac manual should be accurate except for keyboard shortcuts and some menus (Mac apps all have a menu item named for the application, so some menus on the Windows version had to be moved elsewhere). You can get that here: … ser-guides

Choose the Mac version from the drop-down.

There are also a number of books on the subject that will have updates for Mac version 3 that may be more “narrative” in their approach, or may focus on one type of writing for use as examples. Here is a list curated by Lit & Lat: … port/books

Specifically on compile, while the Mac manual will definitely cover the philosophy of design and how it all fits together, accurately, there are still many details that will not adhere to the documentation quite yet. The compiler is the major area the development team is focussing on.

The first three subsections of Chapter 23, particularly the introductory texts within each respectively, are a pretty good overview of how it all fits together. The latter portion of that chapter gets into the details of each and every checkbox and so forth, and is thus better as a reference for looking up stuff.

The main conceptual puzzle piece that is documented separate from that is §7.6, Section Types. Given how those govern the semantics of the project’s content outline itself, it felt more appropriate to introduce the concept along with the chapters on said outline, and the elements that go into its makeup.

Another written resource that may help, also currently Mac-only, is the Scrivener migration guide for upgraders. This will be of particular use to those who are veterans of the old system, and looking for tips on how the new system was refactored.

P.S. I’m with you on this one! Increasingly I find myself struggling to find how-tos and guides that are of any use to me. Sometimes I have a question that can surely be answered in three minutes of reading through a checklist, but instead all I can find are 15 minutes videos. Frustrating! My “favourite” is encountering videos where text-to-speech is being used to read a transcript aloud over a nondescript background that really has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Just post the transcript in 2.5kb! :smiling_imp: :laughing:

I too have severe trouble learning from videos (or lectures!). Thanks to L&L for providing comprehensive manuals!