Is there a problem with DropBox syncing on Mac

So I have started writing a new project. As always, once the file is created, I drag and drop it into the Scrivener file of my DropBox. However, the file will not sync, and the symbol of a cloud with a strikethrough is next to it. No matter how many times I have clicked on the cloud to try and resolve the issue, the strikethrough disappears for a second, but then returns, like the syncing is just not working. I have older files in the folder that are not affected, but they have been on there months.

Is the sync problem you are having effecting everything you have syncing with Dropbox? Or just this particular project file?

Just guessing here but … I can imagine getting the result you are seeing if you compound two things: 1) you moved the Scriv project file while it was still open in Scrivener, and 2) Dropbox is set in such a way that it is trying not just to sync the project file but to also remove it from your hard drive (aka make it “remote only”). These two factors might plausibly get you the result because programs which are using files can “busy” the file (so other apps/processes don’t mess with them during write operations), and Dropbox trying to remove the project components would be just the sort of operation that “busying” a file is meant to prevent.

They’re not marked as busy when I go back in Finder. They’re marked as Ignored.

I’m out of ideas. FWIW my Dropbox sync is piping along just fine at this hour.

I was struck at your work process of creating a project in Scrivener and then moving it into the Dropbox folder structure. You say drag and drop, so I presume that means you used Finder.

For me, when I create a project, Scrivener invites me to save the newly created project somewhere, and I pick a folder in Dropbox. For me, that’s ~/Dropbox/apps/scrivener. Finder and moving it after creation not an issue.

I’m wondering if for some reason the files are messed up (technical term).

Try: open the new project in Scrivener, then Menu → File → Save as … and save it again but as a new project directly somewhere in the Dropbox folder system. And be sure the save location in Dropbox is marked as “offline” as Scrivener needs. Then if the new copy syncs (I think it might), you can delete the non-syncing files and get on with writing instead of debugging Dropbox.

That did nothing, either. I still get the cloud symbol with the strike through.

Have you contacted Dropbox support? Scrivener has no ability to specify the synchronization settings for a MacOS project.

I have messaged them. No reply yet.