Is there a way to add scratch pad to the main toolbar?

I haven’t found one, and I’m wondering if I’m missing something obvious. I know there’s a keyboard shortcut, but I’m one of those highly visual people who needs reminding that things exist, so I’d like to have the icon right there on the toolbar.

That said, I actually opened scratch pad and looked through the settings for the first time yesterday, and I am incredibly impressed with it. I had no idea something so useful was hiding in the menu!

Hello Astri,
You may have noticed by now the lack of response to your query. There are many unanswered posts on the Scrivener for Windows support forum. Maybe you should have asked on the Mac forum as that is where the devs and mods usually give their attention.
The Scratchpad could be a useful tool, but unfortunately the Windows version, like much of the Windows facilities, are bugged or lacking. The Scratchpad can be activated by keyboard shortcut or from tools. It currently cannot be placed on the Main Menu.
This of course may change in the long awaited next version, but don’t hold your breath. The Windows version lacks many features of its sister version on the Mac. The good news is the developers repeatedly insist that Windows will catch up and offer the same level of features, where possible, as the Mac version. Although this has been touted for many years and even Keith the, main man, is taking the pee on the forum when he chuckles over how to break the news to Windows users that the new version which is imminent is in fact yet another updated Mac version. The new Windows version is a bit behind it, pretty much like NASAs Mars mission.

So it can either be a bit of a grind, or get an anorak and join the Apple scam / cult.

Astri, you can use AutoHotKey to set up overlay buttons on the tool bar, with code to send keystroke commands into Scrivener. Sample code at the link. AHK is an extremely sophisticated free and open source macro language for Windows.

Toolbar overlay, with “Char Map” & “Reveal in Binder”

(I’ve relegated Scratch Pad to the sidelines myself though, too many bad experiences. YMMV.)

Cheers – Jerome