Is there a way to automatically breakdown a script with Scrivener?

Is there a way to automatically breakdown a script with Scrivener?

What do you mean by “breakdown”?

Do you mean using Scrivener’s “split” to break apart incoming, say Word documents, into separate Scrivener files? I don’t know about the Windows version, but on macOS the Documents menu.

And what are your expectations about “automatic”? Doubt anything is “automatic” as how would the software know where to breakdown/split? If worthly of automation, you could, say if the source text in Word, write a script to break it up before importing into Scrivener based on criteria you build into the scripts. But maybe over the top. Or write automation with some other software on the source text before putting into Scrivener.

No no, a part of the pre production of movie making, breakdown, get all the information from a script needed to prepare and do a shoot (props, locations, cast, etc. to make shooting lists, call sheets, calculate the budget, etc.).

Final Draft can do it with that tagging module for example.

I figured it might be something like that … but clearly Scrivener doesn’t do that. Maybe other screen writers have their techniques to do this.

OK, thank you. OK, thank you.

No, that’s outside of Scrivener’s feature set. Your best bet is either Final Draft or one of the UPM scheduling apps like MM Scheduler.

Yes. I assume MMS has much more options regarding to break down scripts, hasn’t it?

I haven’t converted to the web-based version of MMS yet, but the disc-based version is pretty bare-bones. Most UPMs I know use Final Draft and then import the breakdown into MMS.

Import the breakdown into online MMS, I assume.

OK, thank you.

I believe the import from FD works in either local or online version of MMS.

Yes, but the UPMs you mentioned import to MMS offline, I assume, I meant.

OK, thank you.