Is there a way to copy the content of the synopsis and the document notes into their document

in order to clean up all the stuff that is in my synopses and document notes, I find that the easiest way is to copy paste the synopsis and the document notes in their document. Once in the document, I can do the cleaning up and then proper editing. But now, I feel kind of locked out :slight_smile: because to manually copy paste all the synopses and all the document notes into their respective documents is a lengthy and cumbersome process. So I was wandering if there is a way to automatically copy-paste or move these. Thanks for this!

For synopsis, select menu item “Documents > Append synopsis to main text”. This will work for multiple documents selected in corkboard or outline, maybe even in the binder and collections.

For document notes- don’t know. I don’t use them much.

To copy the synopsis into the main editor, do as Silverdragon suggests. To go the other way, Version 3 has a command ‘Set Synopsis from Selection’ (cmd-opt-shift-I) to do the return journey which helps a little – I think it’s in V2, but can’t be certain.

I don’t think you can do it in either direction for Notes.

But I think there is a much more convenient answer which means you shouldn’t have to do any copying / pasting at all.

Next time you do this, consider using a Quick Reference window to edit your Synopsis / Draft – i.e. open the document in a QuickReference Pane and you’ll find a drop down list where you can choose Synopsis and Notes (and other elements). Think of it as a resizable movable combined Editor/Inspector for a single document — but as you can move and size the QR window as large as you like, it make editing the Notes / Synopsis just as convenient as copying them into the main editor, without messing around copying and pasting.

Hope this helps.

(The screenshot is from v3 but it’s the same in V2.)

Thank you so much for this, that is very helpful! :smiley:
Happy scrivenings!

Phew - crisis averted.

Started to get worried when I saw that Synopsis and custom metadata were on different tabs in V3. Set Synopsis from Selection looks like it’ll work nicely for me though.

Whenever I have a few documents selected, the feature, now called Documents > Autofill > Append Synopses to Main Text, appears to be greyed out. Please advise how one can use this feature. Thanks!

Update: It seems to work, sometimes. Sometimes says Append, sometimes says Send, sometimes is greyed out. Mysterious to my tiny brain.

P.S. ISTM that Inserting ahead of existing text makes more sense than appending after. Don’t synopses usually go at the front?

To possibly clear the mystery of the sometimes grey, examine the menu items when the document(s)/folder has a synopsis as compared to when it doesn’t. A nonexistent synopsis cannot be sent or appended to something. And to the best of my knowledge, the only trigger that causes one or the other––‘Send’ or ‘Append’––to be available is whether or not a selected document/folder does or doesn’t contain text. You can’t append to that which doesn’t exist. In mixed usage cases (text and no text multiple selections), the menu item appears to default to ‘Append’.

Also a note from the manual pg. 755:

As a computer scientist (no, really, I am :smiley: ) I would argue that nothing + something = something, something + nothing = something, and nothing + nothing = nothing. And, of course, something + something else =, well, something + something else.

So Scrivener is a bit too up tight about all this.

And I’d still suggest that Insert is better than append, just because with my limited computer scientist mind I can’t see why I’d ever put the synopsis at the end.


The excerpt from the manual says—Useful if you’ve done a little pre-composition in Outliner or Corkboard mode, and now wish to push those ideas into the manuscript text.—so the something(s) doesn’t necessarily have to be a Synopsis; just a text transfer from tools some prefer to use to begin the writing process.

On the equations, it’s possible Keith took care to help the user to not wonder where the sum of the parts—something + nothing—could be. “Hmm, I did take an action. Where are the results?”

My guess on not inserting at the beginning—could be because that would require accounting for the effects of efficaciously forcing (if it’s even reasonably possible) existing text/formatting ‘downwards’.

But then, I’m not a computer scientist :slight_smile: (or coder), so these are just uneducated guesses. I figured you knew something about something, and even about nothing and something else. I enjoyed what I saw of the project you shared here and elsewhere. Thank you for that, and cheers to you too.

mostly i know nothing about something. :smiley: