Is there a way to count the # of texts (documents)?

What I mean is, I am trying to keep a document/text per chapter. I set a target of 1,000 words each, and life is good.

I got asked today how many chapters the book has (I laid all that out before starting), and I had a guess, but no count. We’re not even talking about how many words, how complete, etc.

You might think this is trivial, but I have a book laid out in Parts, Sections, and Chapters (and event texts to compile to make a chapter). I go to the Outliner, and I can highlight texts, but nothing gives a count of those highlighted, etc.

Is there a way to add text-chapter based stats to the ones concerned with word and character counts, or is there already a way I’m not aware of?

[attached is just the first Section of the first Part…]

Try Tools > Options > Appearance and check Show Subdocument Counts in Binder. Then collapse your binder to its top level, and you’ll see doc counts for each Part, which should bring you easily enough to a total.

Rgds – Jerome