Is there a way to disable drag-and-drop editing?

Drag-and-drop editing of text makes me crazy, and I keep it disabled in Word. But I can’t find a place to disable it in Scrivener? Is it there, and I just haven’t found it? Thanks.

I don’t understend what do you enven mean by this? Drag-and-drop editing? What’s that?

I mean, select a piece of text, drag it to where you want it, and drop it there. It’s commonly called drag and drop editing, and some people like it. But for me, it’s just a source of errors. Usually what happens is I’m trying to select a passage, something happens and I only get part of it, and instead of expanding my selection as I move the mouse, I find I’ve rearranged the text in a way I didn’t want.

If I want to move text, I cut it and paste it.

Word has a setting to turn this function on and off. I can’t find a setting like that in Scriv.

I find most modern text editors work that way, including coding editors where I spend most of my time outside of Scrivener, and have found ways of working that never intersect with it. One approach, if I’m using the mouse to select things in the first place (a lot of avoidance comes from using keyboard selection first) I often don’t drag, I shift click. Click at one split, shift click at the other, and you won’t accidentally move things around.

Thank you. I also use this workaround much of the time, but it wouldn’t be necessary if we could turn off the drag-and-drop function. I don’t recall having this issue with early versions of Scrivener, but maybe I was just lucky. Or maybe there’s a way to turn it off, and I just haven’t found it. Hence, my question.