Is there a way to export paragraph spacing and indents from one project to another?

I have four projects that I would like to change the paragraph spacing on, and 3 styles are used in each. So I would love it if these changes could be exported.

It’s more a matter of importing styles than exporting them. You’ll find the procedure documented in §17.5, Copying Stylesheets Between Projects. Also note the tip box at the very end of that section, as this may be something you never want to do again.

As for the default formatting itself, all of that comes along in any pasted paragraph, so first do that, and then from the pasted sample text use the Format ▸ Make Formatting Default... menu command to save the settings into the project.

Thank you. I did get it to work.

But maybe I have an old manual? I’m using v3.2.3 and a search of the manual does not reveal ‘17.5’. I searched for ‘copying stylesheets’ and found the info at ‘15.6.6’.

Ah, yes, the copy of the manual found in Scrivener itself is very old (years old). Sorry, I forget this section on Styles was promoted to its own chapter after that point.

I’d recommend getting a more modern copy from our user manual download page, as I cannot even begin to enumerate the number of fixes and improvements I’ve made to it since 2020!

Terrific. Thank you. The good news is you are regularly updating it!

Since maybe the not-quite-as-good news is that accessing it within Scrivener takes us to the old manual, might I suggest when v3.3 comes out, that we come up with a way for the bundled manual to stay current with the application version.

I’d hate to see all your good hard work overlooked. :wink:

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Thanks to this thread for alerting me to the out-of-date manual. I second the suggestion to include an updated manual as part of the software update process. :nerd_face:

I downloaded the latest version from @AmberV’s link upthread and replaced the old version in the Windows Scrivener resources folder.

On my installation, it’s in C:\Program Files\Scrivener3\resources.

I had to rename the downloaded pdf to match what Scrivener expected: Scrivener-Manual.pdf.

After taking those steps, Help > Scrivener Manual opens the latest version.



The Windows version is kept more up to date (though yes, on second thought I did just push a small update a few days ago to the site; nothing major), as I can actually just update the software build resources directly, there, so it’s part of my compile process. I’ve been informed the next update for Mac will have it updated though.

As for updating the Mac version yourself, so you can use the Help menu more conveniently, right-click on and show package contents, then drop it into Contents/Resources, as “Scrivener User Manual.pdf”.

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