Is There a Way to Get a Curly Quote After a Dash in Dialogue?

I occasionally have dialogue in which the character is interrupted before completing the sentence, and I use a dash to signify the break/end of the dialogue, and want to follow the dash by a (closed) curly quote.

However, when I try this, I always get the curly quote displaying the wrong way around (i.e., it displays as an opening quote; the one that precedes and signals the start of the dialogue).

Is there any way to do what I am trying to do in Scrivener?

Thanks for any replies.

Not sure if this is any help to you but in the ‘Options’ there is a setting that allows you to create your own substitutions.

Any good to you?

Otherwise somebody with more knowledge will probably be along soon.

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I’ve noticed this annoyance too. Don’t remember it doing this in V1, which makes me ponder whether it’s a bug in V3?
As a work around I’m adding the closing quote mark next to the interrupted word, then add the dash between them.

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Thanks, AussieDoc (and sorry about the late reply).

I actually prefer ardenhag’s solution of formatting the text without the dash, and then adding the dash afterwards.

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Thanks, ardenhag.

Love this solution.

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