Is there a way to hyperlink/change format of entire Scrivener project?

I want to hyperlink/change format(bold, italic, underline) a specific word in the entire Scrivener project but going through every single word will take too long. Is there a shortcut/feature for this?

Ex: Hyperlinking the word: Journal to a document titled “Journal” in the entire Scrivener project

Chaning the format of the word: Title into bold in the entire Scrivener project.

There are no automatic replacements functions that involves formatting per se.

You’d have to do it using Edit / Find / Find...

Format one instance as you want it.
Select it and copy it to the clipboard.
Then use Edit / Find / Find... in a scrivening.
When Find... takes you to an instance, the said instance is already select. → Just then use the shortcut to paste, and then hit next in the Find... panel. Repeat until you’re done.