Is there a way to import multiple icons at once?

I just downloaded a great icon pack and imported them one by one, only to find out that these icons are not on any of my other boards - just the initial one. There were a couple dozens and I really would like to not have to pick 'em one at a time every time I have a new project.

Is there any way at all to import all these icons together?

Inside your main project folder (the one ending in .scriv), you will find an “Icons” subfolder. If you’ve already imported a few icons, you’ll find them here, but you can always create that folder yourself and drag in however many you want using Explorer. In some ways, this may even be a better approach than using the importer, as it will try to resize the icons, and often the result is blurry. If you size them correctly yourself (32 x 32 pixels) and drag them in, they should be sharp.

You may need to reload the project when managing icons directly, before they show up.