Is there a way to Remove Keywords from Multiple Documents?

It’s delightfully easy to add a keyword to a big collection of documents all at once. But…is there any way to UNDO that if you’ve added it by mistake? (Or more generally want to remove a keyword from a selected set of files)

At the moment, all I can think of to do is to scroll through them individually deleting the keyword manually from each one — obviously not the most efficient procedure! But I can’t figure out a more streamlined technique. (No minus button, eg, which would make things straightforward). Am I being dumb and missing something?

You aren’t missing anything, there is no way to remove a keyword from many items at once, short of deleting the keyword from the project keyword list, of course.

If deleting the keyword one at a time from the docs that shouldn’t have it is too hateful, you could do this:

Create a NEW keyword (doesn’t matter what you call it, we will change it later).
Do a keyword search for the TARGET keyword.
Select all the docs in the search result, but then deselect all the docs that shouldn’t have that TARGET keyword.
Now add the NEW keyword to all the currently selected docs.
Open the keyword panel and delete the target keyword.
While you are there, rename the NEW keyword to what the target keyword was.


Ok, so that is seriously cunning. Annoying that the (otherwise brilliant) software lacks a simple ‘minus keyword’ functionality to match the ‘add keyword’ functionality for multiple selections, but your run-round is definitely a BIG help where the numbers of docs involved is large. Thank you SO much!!! Support communities rock.

Awesome. 8)