Is there a way to shrink embedded docs or links

I really like the drag and drop component of scapple; however, an embedded object - particularly a document - can become very cumbersome on the screen. Is there a way to just “placehold” an embedded document rather than displaying the whole thing?

For example, CMAP also allows connecting/embedding documents, but it places and icon on the node to show there is an embedded file. See their documentation (which is in a mind map) as an example:

There are times when what one wishes to embed really should become separate notes, and times when one wants to embed the source, reference, or something already completed - even another map.

I am not sure if Scapple can handle both types of embedded document, or how to get Scapple to do either - for example, perhaps link to a document rather than bring the doc into Scapple.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Yes, you can create links to files, there are instructions in this knowledge base article.

:smiley: Thanks you very much. That is quite helpful.