Is there an alternative (for Leopard) for Tofu?

I’ve been using Tofu in 10.4 for quite a while now and like its columned approach when reading from the screen.
However, I see that Tofu is not 10.5 friendly. Has someone found an alternative yet?

You could try downloading MyColumn from the Free Stuff section of this site. That is based on Tofu, but isn’t as polished (part of an abandoned idea to implement an editable Tofu - as it turns out, reading in columns is better than writing in columns). The code is available there too, for anyone with Xcode who wishes to polish it… I haven’t tried it on Leopard, but can’t think of anything offhand that would prevent it working with 10.5.

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Thanks, I’ll try that,

What’s the problem? I’m using Tofu 1.3.4 in 10.5 and all’s well.

Tofu (2.0A2) works fine for me, too. Just as it did before.