Is There Any Way of Attaching Labels or Keywords To Selected or All Search Results?

Is There Any Way of Attaching Labels or Keywords To Selected or All Search Results?


Rather than going back through my novel, and ‘manually’ (one at a time) assigning Keywords and/or Labels to existing Chapters/Scenes, I would like to be able to do the following, and wonder whether it is possible:

  1. Do a Project search for a specific Character, Item or Theme that I have already specifically mentioned (by name) in a Chapter
  2. Select various (or all) items from the Search Results List
  3. Attach a Label or a Keyword to various (or all) items from that Search Results List

Is there any way of doing this, or any other way of generating a list of search results to which I can apply Labels or Keywords in a Selected and/or ‘batch’ kind of way?


For labels, it is easy. Select all of the documents you want to apply the label to, and instead of going for the bottom of the inspector, right click one of those documents in the binder. There is a menu item for “Label” (5th one) that will apply the label to all selected documents.

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Display project keywords by clicking the “…” at the top right of the keywords panel (inspector) or through the Project menu.
Select the documents in the binder.
And then :

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Thanks for your reply, but I just want to make sure we are understanding each other here.

What I want to do is avoid having to go and select every document from the Binder one by one (which is what it sounds like what you are suggesting).

Rather, I want to be able to generate all of the relevant documents/chapters/scenes by doing a search for a specific name, topic etc., and then, at that point, somehow choose all (or some of the search results), and then apply a Label for Keyword to those results.

The second part of what I want to do (and what you are suggesting - thanks for that) is right on: I know that after documents are selected, I can then ‘batch’ apply Labels, and I currently do that.

So the idea is to speed up the Search part, and then ‘batch’ apply Labels, or Keywords - but maybe that cannot be done; maybe I have to go and select each relevant file individually, rather than being able to apply Labels to a Search.

This is what the Project Search command is for.

If click inside the search results and hit Ctrl + A you will select all the search results and can apply a keyword to them.
Or right click on highlighted search results and apply a label.
See pic below.