Is there any way to show pictures in the Outliner?

would be extremely useful for screenplays, to keep the outlining process visual

I am pretty sure that’s a ‘no’.

Not sure what is the workflow you are imagining, but it’s possible that the ability to set an image to show in the inspector in place of the index card for a document might serve.

Showing a picture in the inspector doesn’t cut it because it only shows the image of the selected card.

The idea would be to see all visual cues of the story at a glance in the outliner, to get a feel for the story’s visual thread…

Can’t you use cork board mode for this?

Ie. Split the screen and on one side have the cork board multiple view, with all the images showing, on the other the editor for the current document.

There’s a default format for this (not on the Mac so I can’t remember the name exactly, but it’s something like Three Pane Corkboard) and all you’ve have to do is set the index cards to show the picture.

I may have misunderstood what you want.

I suppose you could, but it’s quite unpractical.

I just tried it, and in practice you get a swarm of images on the right and you don’t know what image is linked to what scene in the outliner…

The point of having pictures in the Outliner is to “go through the story visually and narratively at the same time” and “flash an evocative image of a scene when you look at an outliner row”. So if you have to scroll down two different windows at the same time to find what picture corresponds to what scene in the outliner to make sure they keep up with each other, it defeats the purpose…

Yeah. As it stands, I don’t think there is a way to do what you want.

It is not hard to imagine interface-wise: Scrivener has many data columns you can activate in the outliner. One imagines one of these could be the (what do we call it?) the “inspector image” or “card image” of a document. Then those images would show up in their own column in the outliner.

It’s not a way I would ever work I suppose, but if it’s a real thing, I think you should consider posting something on the Wish List thread.


I did already