Is there away to merge my research/notes etc, between on project and another

Hi- I am working on a series of books- is there anyway to merge my notes from previous projects and have them at hand when I make a new project from a new book? thanks!

Drag the Notes from Binder to Binder in a new Project and create a Project Template from that new Project…

You could create a Series ‘Bible’ or collect everything in one Project file…

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I haven’t had much luck in moving the files from one project to another but I will try again- thanks. But how do I create a project template? and must I create a new one for each new book?

There are a couple of different ways to do this.

If you want to have a single standalone “bible” project, you can create a new project and drag and drop existing materials into it.

If you want to have a set of reference materials ready and waiting for each new book in the series, then take the project for one of the existing books, and use the File → Save As command to make a copy with a new name (SeriesTemplate, say). Delete everything that you don’t want from this new copy, and empty the trash (Project → Empty Trash).

Then, use the File → Save As Template command. This will add the template project you just created to Scrivener’s New Project window. From there, just use the template to create the new project for each book in the series.

If you need to, you can use the same method to save updated templates as the series evolves.


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Wonderful! Thank you. Thank you both.