Is there away to reset the formatting for an entire project?

In the course of writing my WIP, I have brought in scenes from multiple other apps based on what I had available when writing. Since I don’t always set up formatting when I am just grabbing some free time and using whatever is available, I have a number of scenes now in scrivener with disparate formatting.

Is there a way to just select the entire project or multiple scenes as apply new formatting en mass?


Hi MG_Martin,

See this article in L&L’s Knowledge Base for how to set global formatting and how to reset existing formatting.

In addition, you may need to do some cleanup, depending on where you brought the material in from.

To prevent cleanup next time, get in the habit of doing Paste & Match Style (Ctrl-Shift-V).

Let me know if you have any specific questions about any of this.


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thanks, Jim! I’ll give it a read and a go!

I appreciate the quick response.

@JimRac This works great! thanks

BUT I have another quick question… Perhaps I am missing it, but is there a way to set default line spacing? I didn’t see it when I created the default style.

Excellent! Glad you found it helpful.

The default line spacing is found in File > Options > Editing > Formatting along with all of the other global formatting options, BUT it’s all the way to the right, so you may need to widen the window.

Here’s the window pulled wide so that the option is visible. It’s the pulldown toward the upper right corner. Mine is currently set to 1.2x 0.0/8.0.


Lol! thanks! I didn’t think to stretch the window! Doh!

I appreciate the help.

I’m all set now!

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