Is there screenplay mode for Ipad version of scrivener?

Scouring the internet and youtube for info on how to enter a “screenplay” mode on my ipad version of scrivener. Im getting conflicting information - some people saying yes, and videos hinting about screenplay writing but no details on how to get out of default manuscript mode.

SO, asking is there a screenplay mode in scrivener for IPAD, and if so, can you not link me the general capability saying yes its possible, but more the details that show exactly how to do it. Thankyou anyone

Yes, iOS Scrivener has a Scriptwriting mode.

You can find out about it by searching the Tutorial project for the “Scriptwriting” section.

For the future, the Tutorial project is the official documentation of iOS Scrivener. It’s a good first place to look for questions like this.

  • Press the little gear icon in the lower left hand corner to open settings
  • Tap “Editor” to get the editor settings
  • Turn on the switch that says “Allow Scriptwriting” (you only have to do this once)
  • When you add a document, flip the switch that says “Scriptwriting” in the title window. (you have to do this every time)
    That’s it! Good luck!